1. Welcome to the City of Bayard

    Bayard is home to the Bayard Tigers school. We are proud of our small town.

  2. Bayard's History

    The original town of Bayard was established in July of 1888 and was located about 1 mile west of the present site.

  3. Bayard Schools

    Bayard is home to the Bayard Tigers.

  4. Senior Center

    Join your friends for a noon meal at the Senior Center.

  5. Bayard Swimming Pool

    Please read the regulations so we can have a safe Summer at the pool.

  6. Chimney Rock Golf Course

    Relax and enjoy a game of golf on our scenic golf course.

  7. Social Groups & Organizations

    We have a variety of churches and social organizations in our area.

  8. Chimney Rock Lighting

  9. Cemetery